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Starting Position Barbell Power Clean Lift

The Starting Position of the Barbell Power Clean Lift.  Breaking down the different portions of the Barbell Power Clean helps athletes correct flawed patterns.  This article provides cues and drills to improve pulling from the floor. View the Complete Article Here

TRX Suspension Trainer Seminar

TRX Suspension Trainer Seminar

 July 27 at 9AM

Tickets are $20.  TRX Suspension Trainer Programming, Workouts, and Scaling View the Complete Article Here

Flavio Spaducci - Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning

Flavio"s Personal Trainer Certifications

Kettlebell Sport Coach Level 2: Exam passed with highest marks, certified by Oleh Ilikia, World Kettlebell Sport Federation president, multiple time world champion and Guinness Record holder
Strongman Instructor: Certified by Francesco Gioia, Italy"s strongest man
Crosslifting: A new sport born in Russia by combining all of the strength sports together. Spent a week in a Russian Olympic facility, training with Klokov, Berestov, Koklyaev and Denisov
Weightlifting Instructor: Certified by Giles Greenwood in London, UK
Functional Training Instructor: Certified by Italian Boxing Federation
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Barbell Power Clean Receiving Position

This article discuss the finishing or receiving position for the barbell power clean.  More specifically, we"ll be address hand and foot placement on the barbell.  We will cover points of performance for the front rack.  The front squat will also be discussed in detail.  Proper performance of a barbell power clean in weightlifting requires mastery of the finishing position discussed infra. View the Complete Article Here

Barbell Exercises

Over 25 videos on barbell exercises including power lifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and Bodybuilding exercises. View the Complete Article Here