Senior Fitness Assessment For Senior Exercises

At Sand & Steel, the majority of my clients are seniors in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Most people start feeling the effects of aging in their mid-thirties, but by age 50 they really start to notice a change.  As an older adult, it is to ... View the Complete Article Here
Alexandria Running Club - Next Running Times Posted.

Next Featured Topic during the Run... How much water do you really need during a race? 3-4 Mile Easy Pace Run.

Newsletter 13

Newsletter: Yoga Strong Program, September Sale Ends Soon, Client Appreciate Day Announced. View the Complete Article Here

Naked Protein Pea Protein Review

Considering buying Pea Protein from Naked Nutrition?  Marketing Manager Melissa sent a 30 day supply.  We used the whole container, and here"s what we think of Naked"s Pea Protein Powder. View the Complete Article Here

Stretching for Olympic Weightlifting - Mobility is power!

Mobility = POWER! If your body isn"t capable of getting in the right angles and positions, it will obstruct the natural trajectory of the barbell, which is STRAIGHT UP! In this article we will go through a set of stretching exercises that will improve your weightlifting. This set of stretching excercises is a "Swiss Army Knife" that every lifter should always have with them. View the Complete Article Here

Starting Position Barbell Power Clean Lift

The Starting Position of the Barbell Power Clean Lift.  Breaking down the different portions of the Barbell Power Clean helps athletes correct flawed patterns.  This article provides cues and drills to improve pulling from the floor. View the Complete Article Here